Half-Life is wel 2 jaar ouder dan NOLF, maar allebei zijn het topgames die hedendaags enorm veel gespeeld worden. Deze feiten brachten Checkout dan ook tot het maken van een shootout, ze bekijken de game op een paar punten en geven hier een conclusie over.This is an area where Half-Life quite simply blew away its competition. You never knew quite what was waiting around the next corner. But hard as it may be to believe, No One Lives Forever raises the bar again. Half-Life definitely threw curves at you throughout the game, but still stuck to a single formula: run, shoot, overcome the next obstacle. The obstacles were well-designed and the running and shooting stayed interesting, so you were swept right along. No One Lives Forever, on the other hand, even shakes up what you're doing. Some missions ask you to dodge infra-red rays Mission Impossible-style to break into a safe; others have you tailing contacts, rescuing hostages and investigating suspicious characters, all the while dodging guards and security cameras. You'll scuba dive in the wreck of a tanker, fall out of a plane without a parachute, swim under a frozen lake, fight off helicopters from a ski-lift gondola -- more than any action game I've seen, NOLF keeps you guessing until the very end.Wie de uiteindelijke winnaar is moet je zelf maar even gaan bekijken