Is het een Mod ?, nee het is geen Mod, is het een vervolg, nee het is geen vervolg. Wat is het dan ?

Het is Gunman Chronicles en het gaat waarschijnlijk hard kont schoppen. Gunman begon als een Mod maar zette snel koers naar een volledige game. Almost everyone that has been into games for even a little while knows about the incredible Half-Life and its revolutionary style of play and story telling. Even years after the release of the game, it maintains a hardcore following and remains on the recommendation lists of tons of gamers. There's no denying that part

of the staying power of the game is partly due to the incredible community that has developed around the game since its release.

Gunman Chronicles will be the first game using the Half-Life engine that will have nothing to do with the original Half-Life story. You will take the role of one of the good guys called a gunman, who are pretty much

heavily armed good Samaritans. Five years before the beginning of the game, a group of Gunmen were called upon to investigate the disappearance of a group of scientists. Unfortunately, during the search all quickly

goes to hell and most of the troops and one of the Gunman generals are gnawed to little bits by a group of aliens. Hopelijk is de gameplay net zoals Half-Life want dan zit deze titel al in de pocket