Voodooextreme was zo aardig om te melden dat er een squad editor van Groundcontrol is. Je kan er Squads mee editten (duh), maar wat er nu precies gebeurd ontgaat me Here's some good news for those of you interested in a bit GC editing. Ville Elomaa has kindly sent along version 1.0 of a handy little program he has created, called - SqdED, which as you might guess by the title is a squad file (.sqd) editing program. You can create new, or edit old .sqd files, allowing you to easily editing them with the aid of a clean cut front end. The program weighs in at a wee small 274k, and can be downloaded right here. If you have any comments or have found any bugs you can mail Ville here - ville.elomaa@kolumbus.fi. De Squad editor