Groundcontrol is de volgende in een reeks van 3d Real Time Strategy games. Het spel speelt zich af in het jaar 2149. De aarde is een puinhoop en tweede fracties vertrekken naar een nieuwe planeet. Daar wordt het natuurlijk knokken want ze willen allebei "Ground Control". Het is duidelijk dat we hier met een zeer creatieve verhaalschrijver hebben te maken Ground Control is a gorgeous, fully 3D RTS that ignores resource management and puts all the emphasis on action. Let's face it; all realtime strategy games are just complicated versions of Missile Command. Players must keep an eye on two things at once, and the battle is usually won or lost not only on quick reflexes but also the ability to prioritize. In recent years, RTS games have gotten extraordinarily complicated with the addition of resource and micromanagement. Ground Control, the first effort from Swedish developer Massive Entertainment, is an RTS that hopes to wow gamers with stunning graphics and loads of action. When the battle begins in a Ground Control skirmish, players won't have to scurry to establish a command center, then bunkers, barracks or guard towers. There will be pre-existing buildings that players will have to defend or attack, but once the troops are on the ground, the focus is on fighting.

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