Net in de winkel, nu al een patch. Ground Control is daarmee niet anders als alle andere games .Fixes/Additions:

- Activating the tactical map during a conversation, no longer cut of the rest of the speech.

- A player remapping keys in the options screen when the server shuts down no longer get stuck.

- Multiplayer map FZ7 now has the correct name/description that reflects the maximum number of teams.

- Description of multiplayer map DM1 changed slightly.

- Internet game and room names are now visible in software mode.

- Whispers work correctly in LAN games.

- Exiting from a standard game sometimes caused a crash has been fixed.

- Improved joystick support.

- Added support for MS SideWinder Strategic Commander.

- Hourglass bug resolved (6/17/00)

Hiermee moet je het toch kunnen volhouden tot de volgende patch. Tot die tijd staat hier de laatste patch 1007-1008. Enjoy