Lang verwacht, maar is die net zo goed als men hoopt. Na dood gegooid te zijn met filmpjes en plaatjes is het tijd voor de 'real deal' . Gamespot pakte een racestuur wat pitspoezen en maakte een first impression After what seems like untold seasons of waiting, Grand Prix 3 is finally with us and here at GameSpot UK, we've managed to obtain one of the first finished copies of the game that will hit your shelves this Friday. Grand Prix 1 & 2 were legends on the PC racing scene and now Mr Crammond is back with what must be considered the definitive version of his hugely popular racing series. Grand Prix 3 replicates this authentic racing experience in spades, but even having spent a good few hours playing I still feel I've only just scratched the surface. There are still car set-ups to investigate, more circuits to learn about, extra driving skills to polish and a full racing weekend to experience. But make no mistake, Mr Crammond is back and on initial viewings at least, he's produced a Grand Prix game that is as comprehensive and compulsive as ever. Ladies and Gentlemen I suggest you start your engines - Grand Prix 3 is just about as good as it gets.

So far geen pitspoezen, maar wie weet, alles valt te patchen 'as good as it gets' , zonder Jack Nicholson, maar wel met hele snelle auto's