Gorka Morka, met zo'n titel heb je gewoon een "winner" in handen. Maar waar zou het spel over gaan...aan de titel kan je het niet afleiden.Don't tell me you don't know what Gorka Morka is? Shame on you! It is one of many board & tabletop gaming systems developed by a company called Games Workshop

(www.games-workshop.com). This company specializes in manufacture of miniatures, or more commonly known as minis. Let's just say that Games Workshop enjoys the same status in their respected field of expertise as does Microsoft in the software development industry. The two of their major systems are: Warhammer Fantasy Battles and Warhammer 40K. First one is a strategic game in the fantasy world, while the other is placed in the far and dark future. Both systems have lived to see their numerous computer recreations in cooperation with renown companies such as Mindscape, SSI, and Electronic Arts. Fantasy Warhammer spawned two strategies by the name of The Shadow of the Horned Rat and Dark Omen. They are both done in real-time. Warhammer 40K, inspired games Space Hulk (one of the first FPS ever to be released), Epic 40K Final Liberation (a strategy with miniature armies for simulated mass conflicts), Chaos Gate (turn-based strategy about those Space Marines, by the genius over at SSI), and Rites of War (turn-based strategy with Panzer General II engine, about space elfs known as Eldars).

The biggest surprise will be the multiplayer. Since the game is designed for Dreamcast and PC, the players can connect via Internet and play Gorka Morka. There will be the possibility of two players sharing the same vehicle, one being the driver and the other the gunner. It will be possible to drive (or shoot) by yourself, and an AI passenger and compete with other drivers on the net. In any case, we expect GorkaMorka to introduce many a novelty in the multi player drive sims, as well as the important matter of combining the console and PC, even if only over the Internet."In the single player mode, the main objective is to win as many races as possible"

Het is dus eigenlijk gewoon racen

Gorka Morka preview.