The daily telefrag heeft een interview met één van de makers van Gore online gegooid en 2 nieuwe screenshots erbij gedaan. Gore wordt een First Person Shooter van 4Drulers die zijn naam eer aan moet gaan doen. Concurrentie voor Soldier of Fortune dus.Tolstiy: A simple question: why Gore? May be it is a result of name 'Blood' been already a copyright or there is something that we do not know? Joel Huenink: We wanted something short, simple, scary, and catchy. Gore was it. Gore also fit nicely into our existing story at the time. Tolstiy: Ok, gore + Ore = Gore. I've got it. But still it is not clear if the game will be really messy: lots of blood, deaths and stuff – like a normal shooter must have? (as an example, we can see the deaths in Soldier of Fortune – what a mess! . Joel Huenink: The story describes it as a bloodbath battle over the ore, so yes, it will be messy and violent above and beyond average shooters. The death and pain animations are specific to what weapon the person took damage from, and what direction. Tolstiy: By the way, as I've learnt from the game's storyline, the gorothians went to the Earth past to extract Ore. Is it smart move to implement gothic (medieval) levels into the game? (I don't want to say, certainly, that I don't like gothic) Joel Huenink: We want to implement a wide array of scenes into the game. The Gorothians are smarter than they look, and extracting the ore from the past undetected was a smart move for them strategically. They wanted to avoid conflict with the UMC (the Earth's current military power) and cripple them at the same time, and by time traveling to the past and extracting the ore was the smartest way to complete their goals. Het tweede screenshot is hier te vinden.