Op The Oxygen Tank hebben ze een preview geplaatst van het spel Gore. Als je niet weet wat Gore is, hier is een waar het over gaat:The rich and detailed storyline of Gore, an upcoming first-person shooter from Beatrice, Nebraska based game developer 4D Rulers, will move the player through three distinct locations: post-apocalyptic Earth, medieval Earth, and the alien planet of the Gorothians. Each of these three unique locations will have its own unique look, weapons, monsters, capabilities, and seamlessly connected levels. Moving through the levels will require the use of helicopters, spacecraft, hovercraft, time travel, and several other vehicles. Throughout the game, the player will assume the first-person role of Lt. Jack Frielding, a rough and tough marine fighting to stop an alien race from obtaining a sacred ore that holds the key to Earth's future. As Jack progresses in the game, he will rely on Non Player Characters (NPC) to complete various objectives. Each NPC will have a moral system, which will affect how they treat you in certain situations. For example, goofing off (shooting a NPC etc.) could result in the abandonment of a NPC, which will make completing your objectives considerably more difficult. The NPCs also have the ability to climb ladders and obstacles, jump over crevices, use elevators, activate switches, and more. The Artificial Intellegence (AI) is aimed at being as realistic as possible.

Het hele verhaal is hier te vinden.