Na een lange tijd stilte is er eindelijk weer een update op de pagina's van GLDoom. Volgens de update verschijnt er binnenkort een nieuwe versie van dit Doom-project.No, DooM Legacy is not dead! If I'm telling you that it's only because a lot of you sent us e-mails about that. Mostly because they haven't seen any news for more than two month. Don't worry ;-) We didn't update this site because we were very busy these last months with our studies and some other things.

DooM Legacy 1.29 final is on the way. This version will look like nearly the same as glLegacy beta 15, but with some bugs fixed. That doesn't mean we didn't work a lot on DooM Legacy since beta 15, but we don't want to put our unfinished features in a _final_ version.

Voor de mensen die geen idee hebben wat GLDoom is, kan je altijd even op de homepage kijken.