3D Actionplanet heeft een preview gemaakt van Giants. Een spel dat hopelijk al zijn beloftes waar kan maken.Graphically, the game looks great. While not quite on par with some of the graphics powerhouses like the Quake 3 engine or Halo, Giants made up for the fact by having really interesting things to watch and look at. The game is full of vibrant colors and little comical touches that make watching it a joy. When Kabuto stomps around on the landscape he can smash buildings and other objects, and you really get the impression that this is one hulking bad ass creature. The weapon and spell effects are also really well done, especially the typhoon and hail spells, which greatly impressed me. While you can toggle between first and third point of view, the latter seemed more attractive to me since it allowed you to see your own character and judge his/her relationships to the environment better. >De complete preview kan je hier lezen.