Gamespot heeft 6 nieuwe filmpjes van Interplay's Giants. In de filmpjes zijn in-game motions te zien van de gameplay. Interplay has sent us six new in-game movies of its third-person action game, Giants: Citizen Kabuto. In Giants, the player assumes the role of one of three groups vying for control of an island: the Sea Reaper sirens, the Meccaryn marines, and one immense giant named Citizen Kabuto. In these clips, you get a sense of the Meccaryns' battle-ready technology. As you can see, to make up for their small stature, the Meccaryns employ sniping, jet packs, and a helicopter to fight. In numbers, a team of agile Meccaryns can easily take down a much larger opponent. You can see the Meccaryns' technology and tactics at work in the movies linked below. En mocht je nog meer interesse hebben, bezoek dan even de official site.