Wisten we eerder te melden wat voor level er in de demo van de game Giants zou gaan zitten, nu kunnen we via VoodooExtreme en GameSpot je ook meldden dat de demo vandaag of morgen (kan niet zo goed omrekenen met de Amerikaanse tijd) uit zal komen.The game's action is set on the Island, a planetoid hurtling through space. It is covered with lush, tropical islands and brilliant azure seas and is at least a temporary home to numerous strange creatures, including the game's three playable races. These are so different that they can make Giants seem like at least three different games in one. First, there are the Meccaryns, or Meccs, who were swallowed by a giant space fish while heading to a vacation planet and then unceremoniously defecated onto the Island. They have access to a full range of traditional shooter weaponry such as machine guns, missiles, sniper rifles, grenades, and more. Meccs also have special backpacks, including a default jetpack that lets you fly short distances before having to recharge. For higher flying, there's a gyrocopter that can be piloted by one Mecc while you carry others in multiplayer mode. Dit is trouwens niet de enigste demo die uit zal gaan komen voor de game, er komen ook nog demo's voor de Sea Reaper en Kabuto.