Op Fatbabies hebben ze heleboel geruchten geplaatst over de gamewereld. Ze hoeven natuurlijk niet waar te zijn, maar er stond al enige tijd voordat het officieel was dat Microsoft Bungie ging kopen.[bullet]John Romero will be fired from the offices of Ion Storm really soon due to the faliure in sales of Daikatana.

[bullet]Infogrames might buy Edios. Why? Maybe because Infogrames' CEO Bruno Bonnell has been having some rather high level meetings with Eidos senior management as of late. And as if on cue, the stock market responded to the possibility of a buyout by bumping Eidos stock 20% on Tuesday.

[bullet]The reports that Diablo II have gone gold are FALSE! We've heard from a very inside birdie that the game is still scheduled to undergo a 2nd external beta test before the final release, planned for sometime late summer. We'll go out on a limb here and say firmly that Diablo II won't see the light of day in finished form until at least August or September.

[bullet]Gamefan to Close Shop? it seems Gamefan is about to run out of money. With the declining subscription numbers and the transitional market from PSX to PS2/X-Box/Dolphin creating lack of products to cover, the folks at Gamefan appear to be in strung out shape. Money there is hard to come by, and word is the pink slips are soon approaching. Look for the publication to fold soon unless they receive a major cash infusion. Wie weet zijn ze waar, wie weet ook niet. Voor meer roddels kan je Fatbabies bezoeken.