Er gaan geruchten dat dit weekend een patch voor Delta Force 2 gereleased zal worden. Hier zitten nog niet alle beloofte functies in maar het begin is er! (bedankt Amar voor de tip)I have it from a usually reliable source that a new patch could be released by this weekend. If the rumour is true then we can expect some exciting changes...including: I) Gun emplacements will be operable. II) Ghillie suit bug will be fixed. This means that players utilising the suit will not be invisible from certain distances. There is a possibility that the suit will be restricted to players using certain weapons, such as the M40. III) Variable scope magnification. This could be the most radical change, allowing the sniper to change the magnification from between 6x and 10x. This will be handy for players using the scope at fairly close distances where magnification is too high, hence difficulty in keep running players in the crosshairs. It is unknown whether you will be able to change the magnification in-game, or whether you specify the scope in the setup screen, either way it will be an interesting addition.