Micronas has introduced a Universal Serial Bus (USB) audio controller that renders the use of sound cards unnecessary in the future. The chip contains everything required to balance a loudspeaker enclosure and connect speakers directly to a personal computer without the use of a sound card which makes retrieving high-quality music from the PC (e.g., via MP3) possible at a low price. The USB standard facilitates hot plug-in, which enables peripherals to be directly plugged into the PC without having to switch it off and reconfigure. The audio controllers are designed for applications such as digital loudspeakers, speakers in flat panel displays, speakers in VGA screens, home amplifiers, amplifiers in cars and in receivers. A Human Interface Device (HID) makes the device easy to operate. Volume and other parameters, for example, are adjusted directly on the speaker. Real two-way communication enables settings to be transferred to the PC via the bus and displayed on control panels on the device and the computer screen. Voor de hardcore gamers is dit natuurlijk geen optie, maar opzich wel een interessante ontwikkeling. Je kan het hele artikel hier vinden