Duke Nukem Forever zal helaas niet getoond worden op de E3. De makers willen nog niets vertellen over de game zodat het een grote verrassing blijft voor de gamers. Vol verwachting klopt ons hart...While it's no surprise that 3D Realms won't be showing a playable version of Duke Nukem Forever at this year's E3 in Los Angeles, it was assumed that the Dallas-based company would be showing a video of the highly anticipated sequel on the show floor. This afternoon, however, 3D Realms' lead producer, George Broussard, updated his plan file with word that Duke Nukem Forever wouldn't be shown in any form, videotape or otherwise, at the show. "We do not believe including DNF in the E3 dog and pony show will benefit our goal with the game, which quite simply is to surprise the player with unexpected content and gameplay," said Broussard. "E3 can be a great spoiler of game content and we believe this to be the case for DNF if we show it there."