Beta 2.0 van de Half-Life MOD Gangsta Wars is verschenen. Nieuw in deze versie zijn ondermeer 21 nieuwe wapens en Bots.[bullet] 21 New Weapons

[bullet] Realistic Damage

[bullet] New Weapon Sounds

[bullet] New Pain Sounds ( when you get hit )

[bullet] 9 New Maps

[bullet] 1 New Player Model

[bullet] 1 Re-skinned Player Model

[bullet] New Sprites/Hud

[bullet] Bots

[bullet] BotMenu ( You use all bot commands through a menu instead of typing them in console)

[bullet] Improved Deathmatch

[bullet] Re-done a completely new Teamplay system involving experience levels and money

[bullet] Realistic Weapon Punch Angles

Download de 15 Mb grote MOD op of FilePlanet