Er is weer een nieuwe versie van GameSpy uit. In deze versie zijn er zoals gewoonlijk weer bug fixes en deze keer ook een paar kleine verbeteringen, zoals het verwijderen van Beta uit de titelbalken en menu's.


- Arcade no longer crashes when entering font name.

- Arcade no longer crashes when users DOWNgrades to an earlier version from the current release.

- Removed tip-down from filtered servers.

- Fixed deathmatch filter in Q2 and related games.

- Fixed some spelling and grammar errors in dialogs and interface.

- Fixed problem with Q2 DM servers not showing up.

- Fixed problems with Counter-Strike losing radio sounds.

- Fixed problems with banner refreshing properly after being re-enabled by registered users.

- Player info now always shows up when the button is clicked in the player matching dialog.

- "Network" group can no longer get stuck in hidden mode.

- Entering ZIP+4 Codes no longer land users off the coast of Africa.

- Fixed staging room colors for GOD Games branded skin.


- Added introduction screen to installer.

- Removed all references to "Beta" in titles, menus, etc.

- Did we mention that Arcade is also the easiest, fastest way to play your favorite multiplayer games online? Dying to play some Age of Empires II or Baldur's Gate II? Arcade's got you covered. Just want to death match against your buddies in Quake 3, Half-Life or Unreal Tournament? You can do that too. With support for over 150 games, you can play just about everything in Arcade. Oftwel, als je last van bugs hebt download dan Beta 8 (3,9 MB), of ga hier naar de fileplanet mirror site...