Alle mensen die moeilijk in contact komen met andere zielen kunnen GameSpy Arcade gebruiken. Op een veilige manier naar speelplekken zoeken. Wat er mis is met de browsers die standaard geleverd worden bij een spel vertellen ze niet. Wel een waslijst met alle features die GameSpy Arcade biedt. En dat moeten er veel zijn want het proggie weegt 4MB.Features Intelligent chat rooms and easy game launching

Join a spam-proofed chat room and set up a game with old friends or new opponents. For peer-to-peer games (like most strategy games), GameSpy Arcade's allows you to easily organize and launch the game.

For dedicated-server games (like Quake and Half-Life), Arcade provides you with complete listings of literally thousands of games to join. Sort the list by game type, map, ping -- the interface is friendly and easy -- but we make no guarantee that your opponents will be the

same! With support for more than 100 games, GameSpy Arcade is the place to be.

Player Matching: Never be without an opponent

Want to find a few more people to play a game with? GameSpy Arcade's Player Matching feature allows you to

instantly search for other players who are currently online and own the game you want to play. Just one click sends prospective opponents an invitation to throw down. Net als blinddating alleen dan anders