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Zag mijn rooster er maar zo uit . Bij de 3Daktieplaneet hebben ze gekeken welke studies welke game-gebieden bedekken. Op zo'n manier hoef je je nooit te vervelen in "class".Ah, college - the final barrier between you and what teachers have been calling "the real world." That grand institutional tradition that makes men out of boys, women out of girls, and paupers out of parents. You'll have the best time of your life at college - unless you get run over by a truck, I guess. Anyways, college can be a life-changing experience, a place of personal change, and the chance to spend night and day playing your favorite games without your parents telling you to stop! Contained here are my thoughts on how to survive in college while playing as many games as possible. It covers what I feel are the three most important areas - your major, classes, and your living situation. Verder staat er hoe je je ouders kan wijs maken dat je ECHT die Athlon 1-Gigahertz nodig hebt voor je wiskunde. En dat GeForce staat voor "Geometric Force" kan je allemaal hier lezen.