De fans van Mario mogen hun geluk niet op, want Mario ziet er werkelijk fantastisch uit in de technology demo van de GameCube.

Al dan niet zo ontzettend mooi als de eerdere technology demo, is het toch indrukwekkend wat de GameCube allemaal wel niet kan.

Het ziet er zeer gelikt en smooth uit, al vind ik Mario nu meer klinken als een kind van 3 While Nintendo often claims that it would rather showcase working Gamecube software versus a "Rubber Ducky in a Sink" (a la PS2), the company did highlight at least one dedicated technical demo at its Space World show August 24 in Tokyo, Japan. Called "Mario 128" by Miyamoto, the real-time display previewed 128 Marios constructed of 700 polygons each running around an open plane with all sorts of visual effects on including cell-shading, motion blur, transparencies, ground distortion and more. It was a visual treat for the technical junkies in all of us.

IGNcube has recorded the full seven-minute demonstration in a high-quality download recommended for our broadband users. Take it all in and pay particular attention to the bar located at the bottom of the Mario demo. It is there to show just how hard the system is being taxed by the effects, and you'll notice it barely ever moves.Het filmpje duurt 7 minuten en is 45mb groot