Een interview met de Designer assistant...Gabriel Knight 3 is finally on the store shelves, so how does it feel? What do you plan to do the coming weeks? It's a strange feeling. For me, everything was in the building of the game. The last two years have been the best years, and the hardest years, of my life. All I can really say is that I hope that people are enjoying the game. In the coming weeks, I'll be working on projects in my new position as Associate Producer with Sierra Attractions. Currently, I'm designing a new game and working on a few other projects. What has the public response been to the controversial storyline involving Jesus Christ? I have been surprised that the controversial subjects haven't really been brought up in many of the reviews. I have seen some mention of it on the message boards, but most people have been very accepting of the plotline. It's a work of fiction, and people seem to be accepting that and not dwelling the "controversy" of it. One person on the development team left the project, and another chose not to join the project, because of the plot. But as most people who have played the game have discovered, we treat the controversial elements with respect and care. GK3 is not meant to be shockingly objectionable or offensive, it's just meant to be an engaging and exciting story. Jane took an incredible real-life mystery and turned it into a brilliant work of fiction in the same way she did with The Beast Within and Millennium Rising.