Futurama de serie die zich in de toekomst afspeelt en waar een robot en 2 mensen allerlei avonturen beleven komt naar de Xbox en de PS2.Matt Groening told a room full of comic fans that a videogame featuring the Futurama license is planned for new console systems, specifically the Xbox and PlayStation 2. We're assuming that Fox Interactive will be the publisher. DC seems to be working on a superhero game based on the Justice League of America license, and very non-specifically, it appears to be a turn-based strategy game like the classic pen & paper Guardians, or Invincibles. According to sources at Comic-con, Microsoft is interested in the title for either Xbox or the PC. JLA in game form? Let's hope for Xbox. Dadelijk komen alle Fox series op de Xbox en PS2, heb je wel meteen een aantal titels klaar Futurama spel over de toekomst, strak te spelen.