Het zal in september een mooie maand worden voor de From Dusk Till Dawn fans. De speciale DVD editie van de film en het spel komen dan uit. In From Dusk Till Dawn speel je Seth Gecko, een vampierjager die moet ontsnappen uit een schip vol met, je raad het al, vampiers. Seth zal de beschikking krijgen over een arsenaal wapens en kan vanuit de first en third person view gespeeld worden. Stomped: What about the game engine or 'THEO graphic engine'? Is this an in-house game engine you are using? If so what programming language is it in?

Hubert Chardot: The game engine is based on a previous technology used for The Devil Inside but, we didn't use it as is. We added tons of features during production., especially in the areas of special effects and rarely seen physics. We also added the predator type of rendering (Nosferat, for instance has a motion blur effect).

Regarding THEO, it uses his own graphic engine because it is a production tool before a pure engine. For the people who wants to make game demos faster we developed an SDK that goes with the THEO package. So, if you license THEO, you not only have a production tool, but a real game maker!! The most important thing about that is that 4 companies license THEO to make their games. It's for us the beginning of a new business that comes naturally beside game conception.

All our tools are developed in C/C++ to keep a better code understanding for other parties. We sometimes go to assembly code but it's more and more rare.

From Dusk Till Dawn zou 7 september in de Engelse winkels moeten liggen, wanneer we hier met Seth kunnen spelen is nog niet bekend.