tntkiller schrijft dat er op Avault een bericht te lezen is, waarin wordt verteld dat Freelancer waarschijnlijk niet uit zal komen. Dit nieuws komt net nadat Chris Roberts bij zijn eigen bedrijf Digital Anvil was opgestapt. Overigens is zijn broer, Eric Roberts daar ook opgestapt. Digital Anvil ontkent nog alle berichten en laten we hopen dat dit bericht niet klopt, want FreeLancer was de game waar iedereen die van science fiction trading spellen met sterke storylines op wachtte.A confidential source has granted credence to a recent report on Voodoo Extreme that Chris Roberts has been removed from Digital Anvil, the Austin, Texas design studio he helped create. Added to the list of unconfirmed departures were his brother, Eric Roberts, and the producer of Loose Cannon. Also, word is that Freelancer will be scrapped, or in the least scaled down so that it will not resemble the game that won over the press at 1999's E3. The source cited technological problems, suggesting that what Roberts envisioned is not possible using current PC technologies. Press agents at Digital Anvil declined to comment. Freelancer aims to thrust gamers into the most detailed and immersive science fiction world since Privateer. Objects included gigantic capital ships and space stations that are not scaled down at the hand of the graphics engine, but are composed of thousands of triangles. The guns of the ships recoil when firing, massive wings extend and nebulae exist within dense clouds of gas through which lightning ripples. Freelancer also aims to boost ship control to the next level with a new 3D control scheme.

Helaas is er na Privateer 2 geen enkele goede science fiction game uitgekomen die ervoor zorgde dat je relatie kapot ging en je diploma niet haalde. En dat is jammer!