Alhoewel Microsoft nog steeds de beste flightsimulator op de markt heeft zijn er zeker enkele concurrenten.De Fly serie is er daar 1 van. Het 1e deel in de serie was zeker goed, maar kon niet opboksen tegen de flightsim uit Redmont.

Over een maand zou echter Fly 2 in de winkels moeten liggen, met naast een verbeterde engine ook een zeer uitgebreide multiplayer modes.

Fly! II's New Persistent World

Fly! II is equipped with an advanced multi-player system designed to create a persistent multi-player world that provides the most realistic flight experience and long-term playability. This persistent multi-player world features real-time downloadable weather, other user aircraft, functional radios and much more. Don't hassle with creating or joining groups. Simply connect to Fly! II's continuous, large, multi-player environment to share recent updates with users throughout the world and become part of extended online flight parties, where exciting emergency situations and weather conditions develop. In addition, virtual aviators looking for a specific friend have the ability to search for them and "teleport" them to their location.

In addition, links to a glimpse of Fly! II's new multi-player system are listed below: