GameSpot kreeg de kans om de beta van Frank Herbert's Dune te spelen. Deze adventuregame, gebaseerd op de beroemde Dune boeken van Frank Herbert (duh.), volgt het verhaal nauwkeurig.

Het spel is op dit moment voor zo'n 20% af maar ziet er al lekker uit. Nu aleen maar wachten of ook de gameplay dat is We played Paul in the third-person perspective, and being dropped into the middle of the desert was an interesting experience because sand worms quickly detected our presence. One giant sand worm started to run after Paul, and at this point, the camera actually displayed all the action from in front of Paul with the sand worm following close behind. The sand worm was pretty impressive, and it looked just like sand worms previously shown in the original motion picture. In addition, the desert we were running across was full of quicksand traps. Running forward with the camera looking at you and what's behind you made escaping these traps tricky and almost impossible. We fell into a few traps but luckily, with a bit of persistence, we made our way out of them and continued to run away from the towering sand worm.

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