Crossfire heeft een interview gedaan met Ninjamonkey van de Half-Life: FireArms MOD. Erg speciaal in deze MOD is dat er vrij beweegbare voertuigen in komen, iets wat vooralsnog onmogelijk was met de Half-Life Engine. De voertuigen zitten echter niet in de 1e release die voorlopig voor 29 April is gepland.Lucky Chan : I've heard of manual control vehicles, can you implement them with low lag? Ninjamonkey : Yeah, we had these working a while back, and there was no extra lag added. I've been hang gliding around a level, while shooting at people on the ground with an M60. We had a level where you could hop in a boat and drive it around where ever you wanted. Not like a normal vehicle from standard Half-Life, where you just control the speed, and have to go where the tracks lead you, but an actual controllable vehicle, where you have 100% control over it's speed and turning. The possibilities are endless for vehicles... We also have parachuting, mostly used to get down from a cliff top... It's great fun to jump down, and open the parachute at the last second possible... But if you leave it just a fraction to late you end up as a crumpled heap on the ground. The vehicles proved very buggy, and they've been removed for now. Mostly due to various complications with the collision detection, but we're confident that we can get them working, just not in the initial release, as they would probably set us back a long way. Lees de rest hier. Ninjamonkey is trouwens pas aangenomen bij Lionhead voor de models en skins in Black&White. Dus grafisch zal het wel goed zitten in deze MOD