De demo is al weer een aantal dagen verkrijgbaar, maar Gamespot kreeg het echte werk.

De komende dagen zal het waarschijnlijk overal Fifa 2001 reviews gaan regenen, dus zet alvast een paraplu op

Ik vind alleen het standaard camera standpunt zo dichtbij. Je bent meteen een stukje overzicht kwijt. En dat is best jammer aangezien 2001 wel lekker speelt. Of kan je daar soms wat aan doen ?However, when you first fire up the program, FIFA 2001 seems anything but improved. The introductory sequence is simplistic, grainy, and uninspired, despite the generous audible assistance of Moby's hypnotic Bodyrock. The menu interfaces are missing EA Sports' standard high-tech gloss, so they're characteristically unsightly. Every menu selection is also accompanied by awful-sounding sound effects reminiscent of a loud coin-op arcade machine, but, fortunately, the game lets you turn these off.

FIFA 2001 also promises to be a great multiplayer game. Apart from the usual allotment of modem, serial, and network modes, the game supports Internet play based on's new player-matching service. Various lobbies will be set up around the world, which will permit players to pick and choose the nationalities of their opponents, structure contests, and chat. This is fortunate, since FIFA fans have been waiting for just this type of service.

Fifa 2001, If it's in the game it's in my pc