Freelancer heeft informatie over de demo van Fallout:Tactics Brotherhood of Steel:How's the demo coming along?

It's moving forward. The tutorials are getting a major re-design (the opinion is that they covered the interface in too much detail, but didn't discuss how to use the interface to actually play the game (ie, strategy)). So, they are getting a re-work. We're planning on two tutorials for the game: one to explain the interface and another tutorial to cover strategy (with short movies showing an example of gameplay, and then a small map to let the player re-create the gameplay). We're exploring this avenue now, so expect some changes. This caused us to bump the world map and the two random encounters from the demo (it was also adding another 10 megs or so, but not enough gameplay to justify it).

The missions are looking good now. I like the way the PIPBoy has the mission map and goal index on it. Neat.

Demolitions got rolled back into Traps. Not enough difference between the two skills to justify spending skill points on it.

Doctor and First Aid are getting re-worked. We're still discussing it now. We needed to make changes to make them work better in multiplayer, and ensure enough difference between the two skills.

The weapon interface buttons will be more explicit about what modes are available and how you select them.

Tony was up here for almost a week. Very productive. We walked through the demo numerous times, clarified the tutorials, planned other things and generally fine-tuned some issues.

Nog een flinke kluif voor de niet-kabelers(en casema):

De demo zal rond de 90mb groot worden, met nog eens 25mb erbij als je de audio-addon wilt.

Ik kan in ieder geval niet wachten tot ik met de PIPboy aan de slag kan om mijn perfecte character te maken .