Avault heeft wat screenshots kunnen bemachtigen van de hoofdpersoon van Ritual Entertainment's F.A.K.K.2.

In dit spel mag je haar door een met de Quake3 Engine gemaakte wereld sturen met een rijk arsenaal aan wapens. To gauge the heat on the next generation of third-person action games, go to the heart of the genre--its lead characters. There are at least a dozen major efforts forthcoming, from Human Head Studios' Rune to Confounding Factor's Galleon, and all promise to feature unparalleled character control and interaction. One that should be a huge hit with fans is Ritual Entertainment's F.A.K.K.2, which will serve as a follow-up to the forthcoming film sequel. Designed using id's QUAKE III Arena engine, people will control Julie as she fights to defend her home world, Eden, from marauding Gith Industries spoilers. Combining Tomb Raider-esque exploration and puzzles with searing combat mechanics, the game is set to thump the genre with some hard-hitting innovations. During a recent visit to Ritual's offices in preparation for a full-blown preview, we were able to see the newest iteration of the Julie model, which is based on B-movie actress and model Julie Strain, in action--and what we saw was impressive. In addition to the standard moves she will need for exploring the gorgeous, detailed maps, she has a broad range of stunning combat mechanics. While we will explore these further in our upcoming preview, one of the cool facets of the design is Julie's ability to augment her apparel with additional weapons and armor as the game progresses, such as the shoulder and leg blades shown in the far-right screenshot below. These do extra damage to her enemies and enable her to perform new moves. For instance, once she gains the shoulder blade, she will start hitting opponents with a tissue-slicing forward thrust of her torso. The controls that guide her remain the same and should set a standard for combining complex character movement with ease of use.