Ik heb nog geen verhalen gehoord dat FAKK 2 slecht zou draaien, maar voor een paar frames meer doen veel mensen een hoop extra moeite. Daarom zijn tweak guides altijd welkom

Prepare yourself for F.A.K.K.2 - a 3D actionadventure

experience that merges the twisted visions of the 70s cult classic Heavy Metal with the limitless interactive possibilities of your PC. Powered by id Software's Quake III technology, F.A.K.K.2 delivers detailed renderings of indoor & outdoor settings with stunning realism. Battle your way through surreal landscapes armed with powerful & sinister weaponry against a cast of freakish characters who create unique situations each time you


The tweaks here can be either changed in your config.cfg (located in the fakk sub-directory of where the game is installed, e.g. C:FAKK2fakk) or you may make your own custom Config file for the game. If you want to make you own config file then simply create a New Text Document, enter in the settings & save the file as All files & name it customconfig.cfg (Enter in whatever you wish for customconfig, the important part is the .cfg).

General tweaks

For optimal performance you should do a Full installation of the game, i.e. nothing should be run from the CD. Het is tweaken of getweakt worden, maar met de tweakguides van 3dSpotlight kan je weer even zonder nieuwe hardware vooruit, toch ?