Genotsknotsen, Vreugdeknuppels en Pretstokken of in het Engels, Joysticks. Op de E3 in Amerika laten fabrikanten hun laatste modellen zien. waaronder de Srtategic Commander, een "joystick" speciaal voor Strategische Games. Er valt over deze joysticks nog niet zoveel te zeggen aangezien Jimmy alleen de data sheets heeft gestuurd. Maar voor de liefhebbers van wat technische info: Microsoft SideWinder Force Feedback 2 Features: Cutting-edge features and functions of Force Feedback 2 include the following:

· Redesigned 70-degree action throttle offers exacting control and intuitive gameplay.

· On-board power supply and 16-bit 25MHz processor deliver more than 100 lightning-fast forces for enhanced realism.

· Gamers can twist the handle for immediate rudder control and use the eight-way hat switch for instant sighting and increased gaming supremacy.

· Simultaneous thumb access of hat switch and button two results in more efficient and comfortable gameplay.

· Sidewinder Force Feedback 2 is compatible with over 200 force-feedback-enabled games currently on the market as well as all other PC titles that work with a joystick.

En dit prachtig stukje hardware, heeft een minder prachtig prijsje : $109.95. Microsoft SideWinder Joystick Features: · Eight action buttons are easy to use and allow for intuitive gameplay without players having to take their eyes off the action.

· The USB interface allows easy setup and installation. In addition, no special software is needed to use the joystick.

· The ergonomic design of the SideWinder joystick helps make it more comfortable to use.

· The SideWinder joystick is ideal for flight simulations and works well with common game types, including sports and action genres.

· The improved direct drive throttle design greatly enhances throttle control

Ga je voor deze stick, dan ben je "slechts" $34.95 kwijt. Microsoft SideWinder Game Voice What: Microsoft® SideWinder® Game Voice is a gaming headset and control unit that enables both voice commands and voice chat over the Internet or LAN during game play. Features: Cutting-edge features and functions of Sidewinder Game Voice include the following:

· An eight-button control unit eliminates menu navigation by giving users direct access to commands with the touch of a button. With the control unit, users can adjust headset volume, access command and control functionality, and manage voice communication features such as channel selection and mute.

· Based on the DirectPlay Voice, part of the DirectPlay® API, Game Voice's voice communication technology delivers clear, robust sound through nearly all Internet connections, from 33.6Kbps modems to cable modems to ADSL.

· Because Game Voice allows up to 64 players to conference in a single chat session, channels enable the user to create smaller, more manageable groups. Utilizing the control unit buttons, users can quickly switch between channels and smaller player groups.

· Game Voice is equipped with prebuilt word sets for popular games, which can be customized by users adding their own commands. Command lists will be available for download on the SideWinder Web site, and users are free to publish their own command sets.

· The software for Game Voice will support multiple international languages and can be trained to recognize accents.

· As a USB device, Game Voice delivers a smooth performance by taking advantage of the latest technology innovations afforded by the Windows operating system

Om fijn met elkaar te praten zul je $49.95 moeten neerleggen. Microsoft SideWinder Strategic Commander Product Overview:The first of its kind, Strategic Commander is a left-handed device that works in conjunction with the mouse and keyboard to greatly enhance gameplay in strategy games. Strategic Commander makes the most critical control tasks available with the touch of a button, eliminating the need to execute a complex series of keystrokes Key Features: Cutting-edge features and functions include:

· With its efficient grouping of programmable buttons and excellent ability to navigate map and camera movements, the Strategic Commander eliminates awkward keyboard commands in strategy games while enhancing mouse functionality.

· Six buttons, three modifiers, and profile switching combine for 72 possible key mappings, allowing users to easily adapt to any gaming scenario.

· Record on-the-fly key mappings and on-the-fly profile switching facilitate quick adjustments with each new circumstance.

· Fast, easy map navigation and camera control enhance supported 2-D and 3-D strategy games.

· By using illuminated buttons that alert users when they are in the process of recording a new key mapping, and show which buttons are available for programming, Strategic Commander greatly reduces the possibility of inadvertently overwriting programmed functions.

· Strategic Commander's leading design brings comfort during intense game sessions.

· Strategic Commander's USB compatibility takes advantage of the latest technology afforded by Windows 98.

Om eindelijk C&C uit te kunnen spelen ben je $59.95 kwijt.