Het massive multiplayer spel EverQuest krijgt een vervolg wat al bekend was. Nu dan ook een interview met Scott McDaniel, Senior lead artist bij Verant Interactive. Jeff Butler die ook bij het interview is overigens producer van de opvolger.GameSpy: Hi Scott, which zone is this? Scott: Hey guys. Ok, this one is called the Great Divide. It's really a huge series of mountains somewhere in the middle of the continent. It's not actually populated right now, as I'm just running around having a look at the world. As you can see, there are plenty of adventure zones that we have put in… underground caverns, mines, wurm lairs, and the whole zone is full of these Velious Crystals [large crystalline growths on the ground] and is bisected by this river which runs all the way from the upper glacier to the heart of this mountain, which we've yet to name. GameSpy: What kinds of creatures are going to be found in the Great Divide? Scott: Well, at the upper end of the zone, the Coldain [unfriendly race of Ice Dwarves] control that area and they are trying to keep themselves somewhat secret and hidden from the rest of the world, so their guard towers are only visible from one direction. And somewhere around here is a secret entrance to their city. GameSpy: Where is it? Scott: Erm… Jeff Butler: You can talk about your waterfall breakthrough… Scott: Ok, well see that waterfall? You can run through it and get in that way. The water itself will contain a really cool glowing aspect, so at night the entire stream and waterfall glow.

Moving on now… this is now the Cave Bear Lair and I'm only gonna go a small ways in because even though I'm the guy that built it, I still get really lost..

En hier is de mooie waterval waar ze het in de interview over hebben. Het complete interview is hier te lezen. Everquest lijkt mij een erg goed en groot spel, nu willen ze het nog groter maken. We zijn benieuwd.