Half-Life had een goed verhaal, spellen die tegenwoordig uitkomen worden nog vaak aan het Half-Life criterium getoetst. Volgens 3dActionplanet gaat dit veranderen. Europa wordt de nieuwe standaard. Deze game moet menig gamer naar een andere wereld brengen Ever since Half-Life was released, it raised the bar when it came to single-player gaming. It had a deep, well thought-out story line, which earned praise from both gamers and developers alike. Europa is shaping up to raise that bar even higher.

The appropriately-named “Evolution Engine” packs a full set of features that would make any gamer drool. One of the interesting features of the engine is it's remarkable flexibility – the engine that will be powering Europa is the same engine that will be running Evolution Games' other title in development, 'Spotswood and Eric.'

Europa is shaping up to be an excellent contender in the gaming community. The combination of the excellent storyline, the impressive engine, and the diversity of the characters add up to what looks to be one fantastic game. Keep your eyes out for this one, my fellow gamers. I know I will! De Euro mag het dan niet gaan maken, Europa wel .