De previews over 'Escape from Monkey Island' schieten als paddenstoelen uit de grond en ook CGO (Computer Gamers Online) heeft EfMI nader bekeken.

Kijk Guybrush diep in zijn mooie - nieuwe - oogjes aan Inventory management is significantly different. In order to keep you in the environs of the warped and ludicrous gameworld, Guybrush will no longer stuff ladders and cannonballs into his pants (to his chagrin, we're sure). Instead there is a rotating inventory ring that lets you cycle through items and combine them in the foreground, while the ongoing scene is still visible. And there are not as many combining puzzles as in the past. There is one place, however, where you need to replicate the smell of a pirate, and since the game does not support WinSmell technology, or DirectSmell, you'll need to combine things to create a customized odor.

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