De release datum van Escape from Alcatraz komt al aardig dichtbij, eind 2001 moet de game in schappen liggen. Na bijna 2 jaar zwoegen en zweten heeft developer Philos Entertainment, ook de maker van Imperium Gallactica III, toch nog de moeite genomen wat extra screenshots online te gooien.

In Escape from Alcatraz is uiteraard de bedoeling om mensen uit de gevangenis te redden, waardoor de game als genre een squad-based action strategy wordt. Wat extra info:Set in an alternative reality: A sinister tyrant rules the World of Alcatraz and all who oppose him are crushed, all is lost with no hope for the future………. Well, not entirely a few remain adamant on opposing this evil dictator. Your task is to lead this rogue group of prison busters as you attempt rescue of all the Rebel leaders. A revolution is on the horizon and it is your job to ignite it.

Escape from Alcatraz is a real-time tactical 3D game that puts the player in charge of a small team of unique characters, each of whom possesses their own individual characteristics and skills. These characters pass through a series of bizarre themed prisons and other well-guarded structures. As the player progresses, not all is, as it seems, the plot will unfold with twists and treachery that will lead you finally to the truth.

Om alle vier de screenshots te bekoekeloeren is deze link aanwezig.