De opvolger van de succesvolle titel EverQuest, EQ The Scars of Velious, is al aardig op weg om klaar te komen.

De makers verwennen ons dit keer met concept art en screenshots . Before recorded time, Veeshan the great Crystalline Dragon marked Norrath by striking the continent of Velious with her foreclaw, and deposited her brood there to dwell. The legends of that time also tell that Veeshan blasted Velious with her breath, encasing it in eternal ice and creating a barrier of deadly ice flows and stormy weather. This marked the beginning of the Age of Scale.

The Age of Scale lasted untold millennia. From the tidbits of information passed down, it is known that a group of dragons mastered magic and spellcasting during this era. Additionally, dragons of power and influence among their kind gathered together and formed a hereditary ruling council known as the Claws of Veeshan, who rule the dragons of Velious to this day. Few of Norrath's inhabitants know more of this Age, and none that do would dare to speak.

The end of the Age of Scale was marked by the Gods creation of the other races of Norrath. Many of Veeshan's vainglorious brood perceived that they might rule over these lesser beings and left Velious. This splinter group became known as the Ring of Scale. Those dragons that remained upon Velious had little interest in temporal power, and were content to pass the millennia in homage to their goddess, and in quiet contemplation and the study of magics.

Screenshots taken with a Voodoo 3 video card in 800x600

Everquest: The Scars of Velious