Epic's Brandon "GreenMarine" Reinhart heeft op de Unreal Tech Page een artikel geplaatst over mutators in UT. Hier is een stukkie:

First, a bit of self pimpage. I'm working with CRT on putting together Rocket Arena for UT. C0mpile from Unloaded is developing a Voting system for the mod that mod authors will be able to use themselves and I've recently added Eavy to the programming team. Check out our site. Speaking of Eavy, he's been working on a bunch of kick ass gametypes. Eavy's UT mods. Check out his recently released Eavy Darkmatch II. The heavier mods are coming down the pipeline too. The Quake Jailbreak team is starting Jailbreak for UT! Anarchy is organizing the team. Email him if you can contribute your elite mapping or art skillz. De rest kan je hier lezen