Avault heeft blijkbaar ook zo z'n eigen idee over de opvolger van het befaamde Elite 3. Voor mij is het ook nog maar de vraag of die oude pcjunkies nog aangetrokken zullen zijn tot de nieuwe 3Dgraphics.The big question now that Elite IV has been announced is this: Can the next sequel remain true to these venerable elements and also move the genre forward? Braben said yes, but held off from disclosing any details. “We have seen an asymptotic approach to the same Elite ideal from subtly different directions, though all the games I've seen miss the point to some extent. They all advance the genre graphically, but not significantly advance it in the gameplay. I do not expect Elite to be directly compared with the current crop of space games. Those people we have shown the design elements to would all agree with this. Elive IV must be head and shoulders above the space games of its time. We can now achieve this, and we are aware the production values we need for this are dazzlingly high," he commented.