Bij Gamecenter hebben ze een paar screenshots van de door de Quake3 Engine geaccelereerde FPS.In Elite Force, the USS Voyager has been captured by aliens, and only a newly formed security force, the Hazard Team, has any hope of saving the ship and its crew--and possibly even the galaxy itself. Players take on the role of one of the members of this new elite force, and embark on many dangerous missions to achieve their objectives. In the course of the game you will meet the senior staff of Voyager, such as Captain Janeway, Commander Chakotay, and Lieutenant Tuvok, who heads the Hazard Team. The in-game ship has been designed to closely mimic the Voyager of the television series, and most of the cast members' voices will be used as voice-overs for the game. In addition, familiar aliens from the series, including the Borg, the Hirogen, and the Scavengers, will make an appearance, but there will also be several never-before-seen alien species.