Gamespy heeft een preview geschreven van Star Trek: Elite Force. Tijdens een bezoek bij Activision kregen ze de kans om de complete versie van het spel te spelen. Gecombineerd met enkele uitspraken van Kenn Hoekstra en Mike Gummelt hebben ze daar een leuk verhaaltje over geschreven.The single-player game is very story-based, featuring both rendered and in-game cut scenes, voiceovers, and dialogue. There's plenty of interaction with the established crew of Voyager -- "You pretty much talk to or work with every member of the crew over the course of the game," Hoekstra explains. Tuvok, in particular, plays an important role as both your superior officer and mentor. I found myself drawn into the story of the game and really enjoying the single-player experience, as it genuinely feels like a Voyager episode has come to life. Tuvok was scolding me for my rash actions in the holodeck when suddenly I was called to the bridge, and the next thing you know I was dumping the dilithium core in engineering -- even for casual fans of the Star Trek universe, Elite Force is a real trip.