Er wordt op dit moment hard gewerkt aan een nieuw deel van de Elite serie. Dit deel, deel 4 alweer, wordt echter pas verwacht (even slikken) in 2002. CeV heeft een interview gehad met één van de makers van het spel.News of a next gen version of Elite was incredible for those of us old enough to know a little better. What was the thinking behind continuing the franchise onto next generation hardware? “Since 1995 we've left the Elite series alone. The experience with Gametek was a bad one, and so we've been doing other things, including building up important new technologies needed for the games we want to do in the future.” Can you outline some of the ideas you've had for the new version? Are you intending to use broadband connections in any way? “We are not yet giving out details of what is in Elite 4. I will say that what we are doing is quite a contrast to what we have done before, and yes, we will be supporting broadband connections. There are two separate games planned – single-player and multiplayer.” Je kan hier wat meer lezen en nog een paar screenshots vinden.