De eerste Review van SoF is een feit. Voor ons Nederlanders is het helaas nog steeds een preview. Ze zijn erg positief over de game maar de game krijgt toch 'maar' een 4 (5 is max).What you do have though is a shooter that looks good, performs superbly on modest hardware, has some of the best collision detection in terms of shooting and targeting we've ever seen, and delivers the most gut-wrenching, high-impact visual display of damage flesh ever to grace the PC. The levels are well designed and fun, you can customize the difficulty to your heart's content, and it seems rock-stable. What more do you want from a game? A more interactive plot, perhaps, or something to spend the money you earn in every mission on, but that would be a different game, wouldn't it (er, like Deus Ex, perhaps?). Raven Software set out to make a shooter, and they've made a damn fine one. Just be sure you're up to it before you dive in. It gets mighty bloody in there.