Als er een film goed zou zijn voor conversie naar de pc, dan was het wel 'Blair Witch'. Daarom zijn de developers van G.O.D. (waaronder Ritual van Sin) een flinke tijd bezig geweest met de productie van 3 BlairWitch-games. De eerste ervan is gold en CDMag maakte er een eerste indruk van.We've only played through a small part of the game so far, but it looks like one that should appeal to fans of supernatural horror adventures, and who don't mind a bit of combat requiring some hand/eye coordination. The sound is superb, the visuals atmospheric and effective despite the pixelation, and the storytelling seems particularly skilled. Early in the game you're treated to a few horro-movie moments that send genuine shivers down your spine—the folks who made the movie could have learned a few things from the Terminal Reality crew, as the game is a lot scarier than the film. There's a lot of the "go here, talk to this person, talk to that person, get this, carry it there" adventure game mechanic at work here, as well as a lot of conversation to listen to, but the writing is good and the voice acting so far seems excellent. Only some dreadful lip-synching detracts from the experience.

If you didn't like Nocturne you should probably wait for the demo of this one; some aspects of the game engine are annoying still, like the camera and the awkwardness of the combat controls. But with several levels of difficulty, relatively more modest system requirements, and some very nifty storytelling and effective visuals, Rustin Parr looks to be a good warm up for Halloween. It's a lot better than watching the movie again.... 2 more to go...en binnenkort natuurlijk een review op Gamers