Actiontrip heeft niet zomaar iemand Delta Force 2 laten spelen maar een echte militair. Met de kennis van deze sergeant Swift wordt Delta Force 2 nog realistischer, zeker als je de verslagen van de multiplayer sessies leest.Swift was picking his targets carefully, mostly using his binoculars, and gunning them down with his M40 rifle. Every time he would kill someone, he'd displace to avoid being detected. He was applying his training, and controlled the scene to the best of his abilities. Some would foolishly approach, without noticing him, carried away in the heat of combat, and they would die by the knife. Curiously, most of the soldiers appeared

to be members of the same unit, but that didn't prevent them from slaughtering one another…

The whole training and selection routine for the Special Forces all over the world is to create men

that will overcome and survive situations that others wouldn't. It has nothing to do with fair fighting,

or being "noble in the field". Usually, it means being more devious than your enemy, or use methods or

resources that they would not (or couldn't). Also, you don't necessarily get rid of an enemy by killing him. In 60% of cases, your side applies so much fire to a certain area that your enemy is simply pushed back (If they are smart. If not, they won't live to fight another day…). Special operations, on the other hand, are usually deployments of low intensity and stealth.Die vent is one bad MOFO als je het mij vraagt

Delta Force 2 zoals je het zou moeten spelen