Gamecenter heeft een filmpje van Echelon. Het filmpje is 15,4 MB groot. The game, set on the planet Velian, casts you as a pilot for the Galaxy Federation trying to thwart the Velians from developing new technology to conquer the galaxy. What makes Echelon special is its continent-sized levels and its gorgeous 3D graphics, which allow for realistic environments, landscapes, and cities. You'll not only pilot your own fighter but command other craft for support, as well. Each of the game's 14 craft can be outfitted with 16 different weapons, and the branching campaigns allow for a different experience each time you play. In multiplayer, you'll be able to play with up to 16 players in games ranging from deathmatch to co-op to capture the flag. Mocht je willen chatten over deze game kan je hier (chatbox) kijken en als je serieus () wilt discussieren over deze game kan je hier kijken (forum).