pc.ign heeft een preview gemaakt van Earth 2150, een RTS die ontwikkeld wordt door de europese firma TopWare Interactive.

Het verhaal van het spel:The story behind Earth 2150 isn't all that revolutionary, but interesting none the less. From countless years of warfare, the planet Earth has been knocked off of its axis and is quickly spiraling toward the sun. Sounds pretty bad, don't it? Well that's not even the half of it. Seems that even the prospect of falling into the biggest and brightest source of energy in the solar system doesn't stop the fighting. Can't we all just get along, people? Instead of actually coming to together, combining resources, and helping everyone get off of the planet safely, the three major factions still left on or around the Earth are still constantly going at each others throats. While your immediate task is to destroy your foes and hopefully destroy their main headquarters, your ultimate goal in Earth 2150 is to transport your people off of the surface of the Earth to search for an inhabitable planet in a distant solar system.