Na alle filmpjes, teasers en screenshots is eindelijk de demo er. Het verhaal gaat verder waar Earth 2140 mee eindigde (Earth2140 kan tegenwoordig voor een "koopje" worden gevonden in sommige winkels). De demo weegt trouwens 85 mb...Earth has been home to mankind for thousands of years. By 2150 this has all come to an end - mankind must flee the BluePlanet... and do it quickly! In 2140 a devastating war between the "Eurasian Dynasty" and the "United Civilized States" has caused the Earth's orbit to change dramatically, pulling it ever closer to the Sun's deadly rays. As the Earth's temperature increases, once mighty glaciers begin melting away, as rising sea levels flood entire countries and meteorite showers mercilessly pound the planet's surface. In 2147 it becomes clear that the scarcity of resources means only a fortunate few can be relocated to a new outpost on Mars. Mankind's last hope is to build enormous space transporters quickly enough to carry the lucky ones away before the final meltdown. A new war flares up between the rival powers. If you want to survive, you'd better choose the right side. After all, only one will get out alive! De demo kan je van de ftp van Voodoo Extreme halen